Seiki Soho: Life and Philosophy of Akinobu Kishi

Kishis way to personal growth, to our roots

Sei: pure, true, life
Ki: energy, feeling, atmosphere
Spontaneous intuitive method of bodywork

After many years of intensive work with shiatsu, akinobu kishi developed his own way of energy work - 'Seiki'.

Akinobu kishi was born in Tokyo in 1949. When he was 8 years old he had an experience that would influence his later life: his grandmother had been ill for a long time. Sometimes when the pain was quite bad his grandfather would sit down close to her and put his hands on her chest and on her back with the effect that the pain would become easier. Once, Kishi took over his grandfathers place and to his great surprise he felt that between his hands something was happening. This experience never left him. Kishi was introduced to shiatsu as a healing method by his father who was a shiatsu practitioner. As Kishi tells it, it was his cats and shiatsu that was of interest, when he was young. Later on, he completed his studies, among others with Namikoshi, and for 10 years he was a close pupil of Masunaga. In addition, Kishi studied other methods of bodywork like chiropractic, osteopathy, seitai, yoga, acupuncture, bio-energetic, the teachings of Reich and shintoism.

When he was 30 years old, Kishi fell ill, and one day he stopped practising shiatsu, because he saw no change anymore. He withdrew for a few months, and with a synthesis of his various studies and experiences, he developed his own method of working which he called sei-ki. And all at once he saw unbelievable change.

In 1974 Kishi was conferred the title of sensei - teacher. Kishi is not the master who leads an ascetic secluded life. He participates in life, is open minded and ready for conflict. In a conversation he is direct and has a good sense of humour. He likes to travel and loves movement and creativity.

The literal translation of Sei-Ki is treatment of life energy or movement of energy. Kishi not only looks at a person's body with its different symptoms; a person is for him a unity of body spirit and soul and forms part of everything, i.e. part of the world and the universe. His method is a universal and spiritual path with the aim, to develop one's own personality, power and originality and to come into a natural harmony. Sei-ki consists of three different basic elements: the method of diagnosing and treatment of the body, as well as two different kinds of concentration and meditation: katsugen and gyo-ki.