Seiki - Concept and Method

For Kishi unpleasant sensations, illness, and pain are nothing bad that has to be oppressed and brought to an end by all means. There is a sense in them, our body wants to express something. Clear pain is a chance. Good health and illness are no contrast, they are different but natural expressions of the body. During a Seiki treatment, his main intention is to help the person regain his natural balance, so that illness and pain are no longer necessary and can be resolved by the body alone. The body can take care of itself: when we are tired, we yawn; when we have eaten something bad we will throw up. By nature our body has this capacity, to balance and recover what the Japanese call myo-ki.

Everyday pressures and stress build up for all of us. Some people develop diseases and physical problems; others react with emotional disturbances e.g. fear, rage, and excessive aggression. For kishi, all of this is simply a distortion of the life energy that flows through our body; a state of change or the body’s individual way of recognising change. At the same time they indicate the body’s innate desire to balance these distortions and get well just as a snake sheds its skin.

Kishi accompanies people in such a process of change. He makes them look in to the mirror and helps them to become aware of these changes, to feel them. We must feel the movement behind a physical discomfort, behind a pain or emotion. Instead of movement we could also say energy. Every distortion of life energy must clearly manifest itself, in order to come to its natural end. To feel the movement means to go deeply in to a pain or emotion, in order to finally resolve and release it.

Kishi is convinced that people, when they really get in to their feelings, can instantly solve their problems, here and now. And what keeps them from doing so? It is very difficult to grasp the moment. We are caught up in every day pressures; we have obligations, needs, wishes and hopes. We are so busy and… confused, manipulated and conditioned.

For example, it is very difficult to become quiet inside. This endeavour is always disturbed by thinking and judgments. For Kishi this is the problem. Thinking is ok. It is also movement, as long as something changes and dynamic can be perceived. His target is to look behind the façade, at our deepest point of reality. Only through continuous awareness and cleansing can we develop sensitivity. The only prerequisite for this work is motivation - we must only want.

In Kishi's opinion the body and all its manifestations are natural expressions and no problem. If we can perceive this, life is no longer difficult, as people maintain. Our problems are our chance. We should use them to regain original personality and power. To get to the point of realising and developing our own original power.

According to kishi's definition power signifies accepting every situation as it comes and to be flexible. Then body and mind are also flexible and allow quick change to happen. Life offers a chance to everyone of us: we must recognise and use it. His advice: live your full potential, then you can die peacefully.