Blue Budda

The healing Buddha mantra

Repeat seven times every day. Minimum blessing: you will not be born in a lower realm.

Shorter Version:

Tadyatha om bekanze bekanze
Maha bekanze
Radza samundgate soha

Longer Version:

Om namo bhagawate Bhaishjaye guru
Vaidurya prabha rajaya tathagataye
Arhate samyaksam buddhaya tadyatha
Om bekhajye bekhajye maha bekhajye
Bekhajye rajaya samungate soha

In meditation, imagine the blue healing Buddha Bhaishjaye and light coming to you from him. Then from you to all dimensions and people. White light to your third eye to heal your body, red light to your throat to heal your mind, blue light to your heart for wisdom, and a rainbow to your navel.

Meaning of some of the words in the mantra:

Om = the under current vibration of the universe
Namo = yielding or full of trust or mealt into
Bhagawate = intimate relation to the divine
Bhaishjaye = a name of the medicine boudha
Vaidurya prabha = divine deep blue light
Rajaya = great king
Tathagataya = once came
Arhate = one who has conquered life and death
Samyaksam buddhaya = perfectly enlightened
Tadyatha = do it like this
Bekhajye bekhaje = do away with the pain of illness
Maha bekhajye = do away with the darkness of spiritual ignorance
Samundgate = the supreme heights
Soha = I offer this prayer