Katsugen and Gyo-Ki


During a seiki treatment, it happens time and time again that spontaneous physical reactions arise, which are not suppressed but consciously eliminated so that the body can immediately regain its natural balance.

Katsugen is practised alone or with a partner. In deep concentration you try to get a feeling for your own inner movements, you follow them and allow them to become clearer and bigger, in order to eventually release and transform them. Everyone has his own individual movements: one gets into a light swinging, someone else starts to shake violently and so on. It is not important what kind of movement comes up. Everyone has his own way of elimination or unwinding. Kishi”s description for katsugen is emptying our inner garbage can. Especially for people with severe tension and emotional blocks this kind of work is an immense release; however, you will only feel the kiberasting results if you can turn off your mind completely.

To the question, what is the difference between seiki and katsugen, kishi gives the spontaneous answer: bothe3 is cleansing. Katsugen is like a space for the heavy work; and seiki is the fine sensitive work which regulates and rebalances the body afterwards.


For kishi gyo-ki is the feeling for cosmic energy. We all know that our body with its low vibrations is surrounded by a layer of higher vibrations, the aura, and we have the cosmic energy of the universe.

Again and again kishi makes us aware of these higher energies, so that we can develop a feeling for them.

In seiza or standing upright we go into a light relaxation with our concentrated focus in the lower part of our hara. Both hands are lightly brought together in front of the chest. When breathing in we open our hands slightly, then a bit more, when breathing out , we bring our hands together, until we feel a light resistance between our hands

Breathing continuously and regularly, our hands start to move on their own. Our body is light and feels almost transparent: we are in contact with ki, with our energy and the energy of the universe. This experience is individually different for all. For kishi gyo-ki is a light walk through the universe.

After a gyo-ki e4xperience almost all people look different; more relaxed, liberated and more centred; nearly all are bright and shining eyed. This can be a moments of deep insight with the realisation that the centre of the universe is inside all of us.