What happens in a Seiki treatment?

Through a simple method of diagnosis, which kishi developed, he gets an energetic impression of the body by checking. At certain points of the body kishi checks this intuitive impression. His hands only touch very lightly, he gets a feeling for the other person‚ÄĚs body, there is avery close contact. At some of these points there is resonance, at others not; his picture becomes clearer. What is the meaning of resonance? Kishi describes resonance as very fine energetic vibrations: a leg moves from right to left; the spine oscillates in a certain rhythm; the head between his hands expands and contracts. Sometimes he describes resonance also as a melody. At this point the contact between kishi and the other person is so close that they are one and form a unity. There is no boundary; one and two merge and as he says this stands for body intelligence or subconscious autonomic nervous system, our self healing power or inner doctor.

Kishi now relaxes even more, he finds his own focus, his own roots and makes himself completely empty. With the light touch of his hands he accompanies the spontaneous movement. After awhile the movement ends, comparable to wind stillness. In this way he regulates at different points or zones of the body the subconscious autonomic movements. The treated person comes again into a state of quietness and harmony, where all tension and needs cease to exist, to a feeling of deep inner peace and equanimity. Here at this point there are no hopes or wishes, there is only a deep perception of the essential, clarity and a feeling of unity and belonging. Kishi describes this point brilliantly with the image of empty space or the blue sky above the clouds. Empty space blue sky, we can find this state of peace and equanimity if we go deep inside.