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Workshops: Dublin, Limerick and Galway

We offer 'One Day', 'One Weekend' and 'Four Weekend' workshops. We also offer individual sessions. Below is a brief summary of the 'Four Weekend' workshop. Please 'Contact Us' for further information.

Weekend One:

Resonance Zones - Healing Boudha Transmission - Energy Maps of the Body - Techniques for Contact - Simple Energy Space

Weekend Two:

Feeling for Energy - Gyoki - Cultivation of Energy - Awareness of One's Own Energy - Working from the Centre of your Energy - Hara

Weekend Three:

Form and Formlessness - Ideologies and Intuition - Taoist Channels of Energy - Free Form and Katsugen - Spontaneous Energy Movement

Weekend Four:

Still Space and Presence - Doing and Not Doing - Mindfulness - Awareness - Presence and Being

Numbers in workshops are intentionally kept low. Workshop admittance fees are as follows:

One Day:€100.00 One Weekend:€180.00 All four Weekends:€490.00

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