Taming the Rampant Mind

Cultivation and focus on a still mind, through a focus on the breathing, or an awareness of the energy field of the body. This takes practise, either by sitting on a chair or developing a meditation practise, or total absorption in the present moment.

Just stop, and focus. And observe where your minds attention is. An awareness of what your mind is doing. Just observe it and let it go. Just do your best and take it back to a focus on your breathing. The breath comes in through your nostrils and into your belly. And out. Or focus on the energy movement within your body.

An acceptance and surrender to the scenario of life as it is. This generally happens to people through some form of suffering. The more there is resistance the more pain will arise.

The mind will constantly want to think and think about problems. The mind is connected to ego and does not want to look at what it fears. It does not want to be aware of what is.

Any moment is an opportunity in the constancy of the now in the space time void. With a still mind, or less active mind, it is possible to gain realisations about ego and the true self. With focus one can see what negative emotions the mind is attaching itself too.

As most problems are an attachment to a polarity, it is possible to see which polarity one is focused on, and then it is possible to dissolve it through awareness. And then a focus, as a balance on the other polarity. For example a focus on poverty with a belief in abundance. Are people a help or a hindrance. What is your belief. Do you think you can change it or is it a strong attachment built up from ideology or experience.

There is knowledge out there available on many levels of spirituality. One awareness could be that you are microcosm of the macroccosm of the universe. So if you believed you were the centre of the universe, then you are attracting things, experiences, happenings to you.

How does one know this is not another illusion. You can only assess what is true for you. What is it that you want to experience?

And this point of a joy of connecting to life is bound up with the issue of openness as opposed to closed and defensive. Maybe the way to see this point is to ask yourself what you are defending. And if it is working for you that is fine.

If it is not working you could look at the truth of what you are saying or doing. Is your contact with human beings true, or is it a game of unconsciousness.

If you believe in the law of one. That we are all one. Then all contact is a mirror of oneself. What you like or dislike. A negative trait or a positive trait. And true awareness would be to see the negative trait we condemn in others and thus ourselves. If we owned our negative side, or our shadow, we could truly progress in our spiritual evolution.

We could thus more easily focus on our issues. Just awareness is the first point. The observing and understanding of it.

What we resist as negativity, because we resist it, will persist. And this will be energised and drawn to us. And here is a crux of healing to be our true selves. That the resistance to the negative is a massive point to be aware of. All transformation, or change happens with an awareness of the negative in ourselves.

Positivity alone is not enough. True change and its dynamic is an understanding of our shadow and its integration. It is transcending the polarity of positive and negative. If you want of light and dark. And here is the answer of attaining a pure mind, or a more enlightened mind.

Resistance to the dark or a pure focus on the light will not attain one the freedom of a liberated mind. One is still caught up in a polarity. And here lies the suffering.

So yes, it may well be for a while through positivity alone, saying constant affirmations of a wanting and creative visualisations draw positive things to one, but ultimately negative experiences will come unless one acknowledges the negative.

An ordinary human being can integrate the polarity into one, through an experience generally universal: the dark knight of the soul. A space of unknowing which brings a greater understanding of the self.

You can tell no one nothing. It is about timing: the right moment. And the right moment is an individual’s own experience on their path to self awareness and enlightenment.

The experience of life is an experience of the self. It is not about knowledge outside of oneself. Yes there are spiritual truths. But these truths are connected to a universal human being experience of being. And being is a natural happy state of freedom from negative emotions.

A first point may be, is your life determined by ideas or experience. What are your ideas of life. How do you define yourself. If that is difficult to say, what do you love. How much are you aware of your self and what you need to sustain your self. Can you nourish yourself, in other words. Can you adore yourself. True freedom is freedom from the mind. And that opens up knowing.